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Crash Courses...

At Birkenhead Driving School we love to do crash courses - they're fast - usually 3 to 5 days and very simple to arrange. Very cost effective and convenient for the pupil but it's not an option for everyone. So here's a few questions to ask yourself:-

Am I eligible to do a crash course?
Yes - if you've got a Provisional Driving Licence (if not apply for one here or get a form D1 from the Post Office) and have already passed your DVSA Theory Test. Important Note that we can't book your DVSA Practical Driving Test and the training days which are immediately before that test until you have passed the DVSA Theory Test

...and how long will it take?
Usually between 3 to 5 training days - done immediately prior to your DVSA Practical Driving Test. The amount of time needed depends on pupil ability - so we MUST arrange an assessment lesson before we book test or training. Why not book it now - see our offer of your 1st driving lesson for 1. The only delay in getting your licence is the current DVSA Test Centre waiting lists - average 5 weeks for the local test centres. Click on attached link and it'll give you the waiting list for a local DVSA Test Centre - Upton (Birkenhead).

Where do I do my training?
All crash course driver training is undertaken in the area of the chosen DVSA Test Centre. The choice of DVSA Test Centre depends on where you live , and how soon you want to pass - see comment above regarding DVSA Test Centre waiting lists. We'll discuss this as part of your assessment lesson. Why not book it now - see our offer of your 1st driving lesson for 1.

What is a typical crash course?
The course you'll need depends on your current driving experience.
We offer 3 options:-
Beginner (28 lessons including practical test fee) for new starters.
Intermediate (18 lessons including practical test fee) for pupils with 10 - 15 lessons already done.
Mini (14 lessons including practical test fee) for experienced learners - and for those who may have already done a test.
NOTE:- You must have passed your theory test to book a crash course

How much will it cost?
Click Here to see Pricing.

When do I pay?
Because all crash courses are pre-booked - the training days must immediately precede your pre-booked DVSA Practical Driving Test - book it here online - crash course fees are payable at the time of booking - that is after we have agreed the schedule based on your assessment lesson. Why not book it now - see our offer of your 1st driving lesson for 1.